Lawton / Fort Sill, OK
1701 NW Cache RD
(580) 355-0571

Rental Application

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List the name, age and relationship of persons other than the applicant and co-applicant that will reside on the premises.

Note: These are the only people who are permitted to live on the premises at any given time during your lease agreement!

First Name Last Name Relationship Age Legal Resident

Emergency Contact

Applicant represents that all of the above are true and complete, and hereby authorizes verification of the above information, references, and credit records. Applicant acknowledges that false information herein may constitute grounds for rejection of this application.

If application is approved, the deposit is required to remove the property from the rental list. This must be paid by money order only. If applicant fails to enter the contemplated lease within three days of putting down the deposit, applicant shall forfeit their entire deposit - No Exceptions!!

If two single people apply, two deposits are required. They must, however; qualify on (1) income alone, and have one primary tenant. The primary tenant will be responsible even if the other tenant moves out. Deposits will NOT be refunded until the property is vacated by all parties and all inspections have been completed.

Please Note: 1st Month's rent will be paid by money order only, as well as the last month's rent when due.

I have read and accept the terms above.

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